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about 2 years ago

The Auth0 Hackathon is just 9 days away

Hey everyone!


The Auth0 Hackathon is just 10 days away! We wanted to take some time to tell you some important details and get you excited for the event. :tada:


Your Mission: Form a Team and Join the Slack
Your top two priorities right now are to form a team and join the Slack. All of the updates and team formation will happen in the Slack. Here’s the invite link:

If you have a team, please create a channel for your team in Slack (e.g. #team-awesome or #team-amazing).

If you don’t have a team yet, you can still join the Slack and find up to three other likeminded people to form a team with in the #available channel.

Tyler will be pinging the Slack asking for teams to put their team name and Slack channel into a document.

Teams will also be assigned a mentor to check in throughout the weekend. If no help is needed, we won’t bother you! We’ll also be handing out prizes to teams that post pictures of their team and project during the event to social media.

A Few Logistics & Rules
We’ve had a few questions about logistics and rules for the event, so let’s review a few of the most frequently asked:

Should I start early/use a pre-existing project?
Don’t start early. If you do use an app that you’ve started prior to the Hackathon, you’ll need to significantly alter it during the event.

What kind of license does my project need to have?
Hackathon projects needs to have a permissive license like MIT or Apache 2.0.

Do I have to use Auth0/Azure/other partner technologies?
If you use Auth0 or any other partner tech, you’ll have the ability to score higher. Partners like Azure and MongoDB are giving away credits to their services to make this easier to accomplish.

Is there a special prize for students?
MLH is offering a prize for the winning student team. Note: “student” defined as anyone enrolled in university, college, bootcamp, or an extended learning program.You can check out all of the competition rules here:

Streams with Judges and Ceremony Times
In the days leading up to the Hackathon, we’ll be hosting the event judges on the Auth0 Twitch channel to talk about project ideas, partner technologies, and more.

Come say hi and ask questions!

We’ll also be hosting an Opening Ceremony on Friday, August 7th, at 9:00 am PST. The Closing Ceremony is Sunday, August 9th, at 4:00pm PST.

All of the judge hangouts and ceremonies will be held on the Auth0 Twitch channel:

That’s everything! As always, feel free to reach out to us on the Slack with any questions.

See you soon!

Happy Hacking,
Tyler & the Auth0 Dev Rel Team