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about 2 years ago

The Auth0 Hackathon is tomorrow!

Hey everyone! 

The Auth0 Hackathon is tomorrow! We've got a few final details to go over.

If you don't have a team yet, you can still join the Slack and find up to three other like-minded people to form a team with in the #available channel.

Mentors will be joining their team channels and doing check-ins throughout the weekend.

Opening and Closing Ceremonies

We'll also be hosting an Opening Ceremony on Friday, August 7th, at 9:00 am PST. The Closing Ceremony is Sunday, August 9th, at 4:00pm PST. Both ceremonies will be held on the Auth0 Twitch channel:


The #hackNsnack Challenge

Do you like to snack while you hack? We've got a delicious challenge for you!

  1. Sometime tomorrow after the Opening Ceremony, take a picture with your favorite guilty pleasure snack.
  2. Post your picture to Twitter and tag @auth0 with the hashtag #hackNsnack.
  3. The Top 10 will be selected to be voted on.
  4. Voting will take place at 4 pm PDT tomorrow but all ten will receive $20 Amazon gift cards.

As always, feel free to reach out to us on the Slack with any questions. See you tomorrow at the Opening Ceremony!

Happy Hacking,

Tyler & the Auth0 Dev Rel Team